by The question is being asked following the time when Artificial Intelligence has turned into a typical theme of examination among the techies around the globe. Everybody is interested what is going to happen if we succeed at building machines with human-like consciousness so today I have chosen to blog my contemplations about it. IRead more »

by In this tutorial, we are going to learn to use variables with SASS. Here’s is the example we used in the previous tutorial.

As you can see SASS has the same syntax for variables as PHP, if you’re familiar with PHP you won’t have hard time keeping the syntax in mind. Let’s seeRead more »

by So this is the second tutorial in ‘learn SASS super fast’ series. In last tutorial, we covered the installation aspect of SASS and in this tutorial we’ll learn how to use it. So without wasting any more time let’s dive into magic stuff. Using SASS: Create a directory on your desktop (or anywhere) andRead more »

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